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At Straightline Sheet Metal, we don’t just provide roofing solutions; we deliver artistry crafted with metal. Nestled in the heart of West Michigan, we’ve transformed rooftops and architectural designs with our impeccable range of standing seam panels. Every panel we produce not only serves as a testament to our skill but is a promise of durability, design, and distinction.

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Setting the gold standard in metal roofing, our UC-3 panels showcase double-locking standing seams with mechanical sealing. What does this mean for you? A virtually leak-proof seal that combines durability with a traditional aesthetic. Ideal for those envisioning specified radius profiles, these panels are perfect for creating an enhanced architectural design. Manufactured primarily in 24GA painted steel featuring a 35-year Kynar paint system, we also present options in 24GA Galvalume Plus, .032 aluminum, and the exquisite 16oz Copper. Dive into our diverse offerings, from tapered to concaved radius panel systems.

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Experience the seamless blend of the trusted Pittsburgh Locking mechanism with a state-of-the-art floating concealed-clip assembly in our UC-6 panels. The meticulous design ensures free expansion and contraction, bolstered by superior wind uplift resistance. The core material for these panels is the 24GA painted steel coated with a 35-year Kynar paint system, but for those looking for diversity, we also cater to requests for 24GA Galvalume Plus, .032 aluminum, and the classic 16oz Copper.


A masterclass in design and simplicity, the UC-11 is an architectural marvel. Its self-locking feature melds with a snap-lock seam, negating the need for clips. This not only simplifies installation but also offers a plethora of design choices. Whether it’s the classic Kynar coated G-90 Galvanized Steel or the evergreen Copper, the UC-11 stands tall in both aesthetic and functionality.


Experience the future with our UC-14 panels. The concealed-clip snap-lock seam system is an ode to modern engineering, eliminating the need for mechanical seaming or separate battens. This design not only simplifies the installation process but ensures long-lasting panels that expand and contract freely. As always, our materials speak for themselves – 24GA painted steel with a 35-year Kynar paint system, 24GA Galvalume Plus, .032 aluminum, and the robust 16oz Copper.

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We don’t just serve the Midwest; we redefine it with every panel, every service, every interaction. Our commitment to Integrity, Professionalism, and Getting the Job Done Right isn’t just a motto; it’s our way of life. So, when you think of metal roofing solutions tailored for builders and construction professionals, think Straightline. Navigate our website to explore our vast range of services and products or get in touch to experience our unmatched expertise in metal fabrication. Join the Straightline legacy today!