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Straightline Sheet Metal: Mastering Custom Fabrication with Metal Flashing & Trim in Grant, Michigan

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Deeply rooted in West Michigan’s architectural landscape, Straightline Sheet Metal emerges as a symbol of innovation and mastery. Celebrating the nuances of design and precision, we proudly showcase our exclusive range: Metal Flashing & Trim Custom Fabrication.

Metal Flashing and Trim by Straightline Sheet Metal

Discover the Art of Our Flashing & Trim

Immerse yourself in our tailored solutions designed to meet your intricate sheet metal needs. Beyond just materials, we create works of art that perfectly meld with your architectural visions.

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Custom Fabrication Highlights

  • Leaders or Downspouts: Channel rainwater efficiently with our precisely crafted leaders.
  • Metal Awnings and Canopies: Add elegance and utility with our bespoke awnings and canopies.
  • Snow Guards: Ensure safety and durability during harsh winters.
  • Finials and Spires: Elevate your architectural aesthetics with our meticulously designed ornaments.
  • Chimney Caps: Enhance safety and curb appeal in one go.
  • Cupolas: Add character and ventilation to your roofs.
  • Downspout Elbows: Ensure smooth water flow with our custom-fabricated elbows.
  • Flashings: Masterfully designed to prevent leaks at intersections and joints.
  • Full Louver Dormers: Amplify ventilation and aesthetics with our custom dormers.
  • Ridge or Hip Caps: Perfectly seal the junction where two roof planes meet.
  • Gravel Stop Coping: Ensure the longevity of your roofs with our gravel stop solutions.
A Red Metal Barn with White Trim

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Bolstered by values of Integrity, Professionalism, and our steadfast commitment to Getting the Job Done Right, we’re more than mere fabricators. We’re co-creators in your journey to design perfection. Have unique requirements? Our team is ready to transform your custom needs into tangible, durable metal masterpieces. Reach out and experience the magic of personalized fabrication with Straightline Sheet Metal.